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Marketing your business online comes with lots of promises. These promises go something like this:
  if you put your message in front of enough interested business prospects you will duplicate your sales ability on a mass scale
  the web will catapult your business to the top of your local market and bring you sustainable success that will pay off many times over
  your web presence will help you leapfrog your competition and set up your business for long term success and profitability
If you think back on the reason you went into business for yourself it was likely to have control and agency over your own job. You know all too well that your sense of enjoyment in your work does not come from your work/life balance or how much yoga you do - it comes from a sense of control over your work. The unapologetic truth is that you enjoy work more the more you control it. You know that because when control is taken away from you that’s when your stress increases dramatically. It seems to me that every business person sets out to fulfill that promise to themselves and you probably are no different.
In order to bring about real business success the challenge you face once you have a website is to help your sales content find an audience. Simply put when your prospects are looking for accounting and bookkeeping services in your area - you need to be there.
That's why - the more places you show up online - the more your prospects know you are a business they can trust. Getting found online carries weight with business owners who see your service as a trustworthy operation that invests in helping them find solutions to their problems. And being found when prospects are looking for the services you offer may just be the advantage you need to earn their trust.
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